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Quartal Flife AG continues European expansion

Quartal Flife AG expands its position as the leading Online Investor Relations Agency in Europe. After the recent successful acquirement of Globo Net, Cologne, Quartal Flife AG acquires a further big competitor, Trade Eleven GmbH, Frankfurt.

Quartal Flife AG strengthens its competitive position

Würzburg, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Zurich.

Quartal Flife AG, a company of the Quartal Oy Group, strengthens again its top position as a leading Online Investor Relations Agency in the European market by acquiring one of it's major competitors in Europe, Trade Eleven GmbH, Frankfurt. After this acquisition, Quartal Flife provides Online Investor Relations Services for over 400 public companies in 15 different European countries.

Quartal Flife offers a broad product portfolio and comprehensive Internet-based Investor Relations services for public companies. The award-winning and first-class Investor Relations services are intended both for professional and private investors but also for in-house communication and reporting processes.

Mrs. Claudia Breitenberger-Cerny, CEO of Quartal Flife, comments the acquisition: "Thanks to the concentration of both product ranges, customers of Quartal Flife and Trade Eleven GmbH are now also offered a one-stop-service for comprehensive high-end solutions which range from simple share price displays to complete design and creation of IR websites. Furthermore, as Trade Eleven will have significantly extended development resources and an experienced IR-support team, even extensive projects can be carried out more rapidly in the future. Our fully developed, cutting-edge product and service portfolio allows us to provide even better support for our clients."

Technological market leadership

Besides strengthening its competitive position, Quartal Flife is working intensively to further strengthen its technological market leadership. Based on a clear Road-Map Quartal Flife presents new IR services on a quarterly basis. The latest services are the "ShareMonitor", "Blackberry Solutions for the management" and "Online Business Reports". These services are clear responses to the elevated requirements of the European public companies.

"Our new IR-platform will permanently change Investor Relations ", Mrs. Breitenberger-Cerny continues. "Online Investor Relations will become as effective and as simple as thinkable. Public companies do not need standardized solutions which cannot be individually adapted rather than solutions, that meet the individual requirements but are handled and maintained very easily. We are not far away from helping the top management and IR teams of our client companies in streamlining their daily work in order to serve the market rapidly and efficiently".

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Quartal Flife AG, CEO Claudia Breitenberger-Cerny tel. +49 931 3561 114,

Quartal Oy, CEO Aarne Aktan, tel. +358 40 7740204,

Quartal Flife offers personalised market information and market information services especially for Investor Relations functions, portals and, newspaper publishing houses as well as for institutions in the financial sector.

Quartal Flife's clientele includes clients such as Lufthansa, Siemens, Volkswagen, Deutsche Post, Stockmann, Helvetia Patria, Nokia, Heiniken, Coca-Cola HBC, Nordea, Verlag Heirich Vogel and Süddeutsche Zeitung. The company has clients in 15 different countries.

Quartal Oy, a specialist in financial technology and corporate communications, provides solutions and services for financial institutions and public companies. Founded in 1997, Quartal is privately owned and currently employs 60 professionals and has offices in Helsinki, Frankfurt, Würzburg and Zurich.

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